Got Oxygen?

Do you ever wonder why you get sick when you are up in the mountains? Well it is probably just the case of altitude sickness. You get altitude sickness since the air is much thinner and there is less air to breath. This happens when you are skiing in the mountains and you come up from sea level and you are not use to this problem. There are many siptoms involved to this sickness. You may vomit and be very dizzy and feel light headed and stumble when you walk. You can avoid this by drinking lots of water right when you get there. You can also take the elevation slowly and not go up to the top of the mountain the first day or until you get use to the elevation. If you all ready live at elevation this will not effect you at all. You can also go to a great medical cite to find out more if you will need it. 


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  1. Alicia says:

    hi taylor and hayden!

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